Jeffrey Greene
San Francisco, CA
status: 'Creativity, Inc.' by Ed Catmull of Pixar is an amazing and inspiring read.


The goal of strong IA/UX is to turn information into communication.
Whether on a laptop, smartphone, or business device, strong IA/UX connects with users in a distinctive, compelling way. For me, User Experience is a fascinating glimpse into how peoples’ minds operate. My working method is rooted in rigorous analysis - of the business model, the data/content, and the needs of the users - organized and displayed in a clear, clever, and intuitive way. read about my process
Well-structured information makes the design process much easier and less arbitrary. Flexible, relational systems allow for multiple routes through the content and feel more organic to users.
Devices will change, but people’s ability to absorb information stays the same. Avoid information overload. Prioritize your messages. Understand your different users and what they are trying to accomplish.
What does it take to get a click? Every word and control on the screen is an opportunity to show personality and expertise, and a chance to engage and delight your users in a clean and clever way.
My work integrates IA, UX, and UI into a cohesive strategy whose purpose is to satisfy and engage users through communicating and differentiating your brand’s product and personality. Form follows message.